where you lead, i will follow. anywhere that you tell me to.

Okay, so let's talk about what I can do for you. In case you didn't already know, I specialize in couples and wedding photography because being able to document the most epic love stories never told makes me happy. 

Inquiry: fate brings us together and an email/ DM is sent


meet up: to find out if we're a good fit


book: it's friends at first sight & we decide to go for it!


GTky: getting to know you as individuals & a  couple


the shoot: you look cute, i'll bring the camera


delivery: you get the pictures & keep the friend


The experience

January 2020: Athens, GA

February 2020: Atlanta, GA

May 2020: Las Vegas, Nevada

when I say south carolina and beyond, i mean it! 


"I honestly can’t put into words how amazing Kadarius is at what he does. HE LITERALLY KNOCKED IT OUT THE PARK. Kadarius greeted us, shook everyone’s hand or gave them a hug. I can express how perfect it was. He was able to bring out our personalities and it felt like HOME. Not many people can do that. Kadarius has a way of making you feel confident and he makes the experience fun. The experience was beyond special."

The experience was beyond special



we should vibe soon! let's talk about loves stories and teenage rebellion over a slice of pizza and a glass of beer!  or a cup of coffee, whatever you prefer!