let's get into it!

 Full disclosure: I majored in theatre in college, so I'm a tad bit dramatic.
Besides being an awesome way for me to rebel against my mom's wishes, my theatre degree taught me a lot about the importance of authenticity and the beauty of real, honest emotion. 

And after all this time, I know that the quickest way to get authentic, candid emotion from people is to make them feel comfortable. 

So don't be surprised when I start cracking jokes, hitting dance moves and telling a few embarrassing stories of my own to get you loosened up. Basically, I can promise you I'll do whatever I need to, to make sure that this whole working together thing is fun for everyone involved and results in those Pinterest perfect shots you've been wanting for the longest. 

Enneagram type 3 to the max! If you aren't familiar with the types that means that I fall into the personality type of the achiever. I am highly ambitious and love to encourage people who are around me. 

fun fact about me:

Gift giving is my love language! Which means I am all about showering people with gifts or little tokens, showing them that I appreciate and love them. It's who I am, I can't help it. 

fun fact about me:

I'm a dad to a brilliant little guy. Maybe I should say a sassy little boy. Ok, well, he is really smart and really freakin' sassy. Some days he thinks he is my dad.

fun fact about me:

I'm a husband! Sayyy Whaaa? A wedding photographer who is married. lol. Kiddin'. I met my wife in 6th grade and we got married in 2013. Which is basically back when the dinosaurs walked around. 

fun fact about me:

I am all about sharing the love, optimism, positivity and a good time. Inspirational quotes get sprinkled on my friends like confetti. If you guessed it, yes, I am that optimistic friend always looking for gold. 

fun fact about me:

the best friend experience

'Cause you have to know what I bring to the table as your new BFF

1. Connection: The first thing we're going to do together is vibe because our ability to connect as human beings who care and respect each other is necessary for everything else to work. 

2. Comfort: You already know how important you being comfortable is to this entire experience. 

3. Quality Time: This is all about giving you my undivided attention to make our relationship stronger and ensure that I'm able to meet all of your expectations as a friend and photographer. 

4. Quality Work: I promise to provide high quality, drool-worthy photographs that reflect the beauty of your epic love story. 

5. Loyalty: This is the most important quality in a best friend, right?! Well, you've got it in me because I'm loyal to your vision for capturing your love story and will do whatever's necessary to bring it to life.