The Broomfields

February 25, 2020

We could start this story by going all the way back to when this gorgeous family last had photos done, Bri and Momma Broomfield joked that it was when Matthew was a baby, just learning how to walk, but we will fast forward to roughly two years ago where I was introduced to a bit of their life. 

 A group of my closest friends and I were sitting around the table at a nice little brunch spot for Bri’s Birthday. Bri was being all mushy and told us about how much it meant that we had carved out a piece of time to be there, and then she said something that made us all teary-eyed, her mom had cancer. 

This is me giving you the sparks note version, obviously. 

 A while later, in the midst of 2019, Bri let us know that her mom’s cancer was gone. The tears started flowing again because we all know what type of blessing that is.

 Well, if we fast forward to the beginning of December of 2019 I got a message with a beautiful idea to take The Broomfield’s family photos. Naturally, I was honored. I had already felt such a strong emotional connection to this wonderful family from the many memories that Bri shared of growing up.

 So, now that you’ve had the spark notes version of how we ended up on the day of the shoot I have to tell you how it all went down. The Broomfields got out of their car and I couldn’t help but rush over to them and greet them with hugs. I knew when I saw their smiling faces that we were going to have a good time.

 I played a little 80s – 90s soul music and we starting laughing, joking and the directions started flowing out. The thing that is funny here, aside from what feels like fish fry music playing in the background is, so many laughs and conversations were shared that I couldn’t even hear the music. 

When we ended, my wife (who I brought along to hold my bag, speaker, phone and purses) and I couldn’t get enough of these guys, so we tagged along to get lunch with them.

When I say to people that I love to hold on to, talk to, and keep up with someone, their family and friends long after I deliver a service to them I truly mean it. I love getting messages that Papa Broomfield has hung photos of his beautiful family in his office and I get to see just how he did it. Or, how the entire family sat down and looked at every single image and just fell in love.

Here is to being surrounded by more families just like the Broomfields, the ones who don’t mind laughing, joking and sharing all the love.


  1. Sheila Broomfield says:

    KD, I first want to thank you and your wife for the warm welcome, beginning that everyone knew about the photo shoot, but me. My family was able to keep a secret, I can’t believe it. From on the time of arrival, you and your wife made us feel like family and I thank you for that. Being that I do not like taking pictures, I love the pictures.

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