Cheryl + Jon Tuttle

February 3, 2020

Sometimes the sweetest love starts out in the strangest of places. I mean no one goes to work looking for love, unless you work at Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital, but somehow these two managed to take a workplace crush and turn it into a twenty year romance!

Cheryl and Jon met in 1999 at Francis Marion University. He was working as an English professor, and she was the administrative assistant for his department. Two years later, they started dating and never let each other go.

Having worked at the same university as these two, I was stoked when they reached out wanting to do a couples’ shoot. And I was even more excited when they were down with my idea of doing a shoot in the same building where their romance initially started.

Over the course of the shoot, I got to hear all of their sweet, and sometimes hilarious, stories about the years they’ve spent together. One of my favorites being Jon admitting that before they started dating, he’d go in the break room beside her workspace and copy pieces of blank paper just so he could look at her.

So sweet right?! I mean, I think we can all die happy if we get even a piece of what these two have.

Anyone who has shot with me knows all about how I love to play music, so, here’s Cheryl & Jon’s Founders Love Playlist:

  1. A Map of the World by Pat Metheny
  2. Highland Aire by Lyle Mays
  3. The Birds and the Bees by Jim Hall, Pat Metheny
  4. Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren
  5. Baby Come Back by Player
  6. I Saw the Light by Todd Rundgreen
  7. Please Forgive Me by David Gray
  8. Holiday In Spain by Counting Crows
  9. Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne

Make sure you check it out! Maybe it’ll be the new soundtrack to your love story.

Peace & Blessings,



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