candid, authentic moments, caught on camera

where you go, i'll go. where you stay, i'll stay. 

where you go, i'll go. where you stay, i'll stay. 

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I'm KD Seegars

hey there, friends!
it's so freakin' great to see you.

at least that's what all of my favorite people call me. To be completely honest, I'm pretty damn stoked that you're here, because, well, it means you're looking for a new best friend who knows their way around a camera. Well, I got your back! You can kick those other, super impersonal photographers that you met before to the curb, and slide this way and learn a little bit about what I like to call the Best Friend Experience. The BFE is all about celebrating how epic your love story is, which includes third-wheeling it with a camera in hand, listening to all of your stories and tearing up a little while I cheer you on and tell you how freakin' beautiful you both are!

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I’ve never been a fan of being in front of the camera. Being directed to “stand here,” “do this,” “smile!” always left me with awkward photos lol Thankfully KD is a genius at getting you out of your head and into the moment. He makes being “the model” feel natural and really captures your authenticity in each photo. Awkward poses and forced smiles were never an issue.

the whole experience was incredible!